10 live-action based shoujo manga

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep us stuck with a story, it manga or anime are adaptations live-action.

The passing of a success story that has been printed or published in a book, manga or to return these famous novels mobile to a format where the audience already felt identified with the story and characters can see a real version of these same, is certainly a great illusion or disappointment to many.

That’s why we bring you this special ten manga that have had to adapt live-action, whether in a movie, a drama or perhaps in a short few minutes. What remains clear is that, who would not like to see your favorite girl, hero or crush of manga in a version of flesh and blood?

In this first part I am going to focus on girls in love, where the 1st. Love is always a chance encounter, a broken heart or a very passionate. You can find these films on xmovies8.

1. Hana Yori Dango – It is a story that shows that love goes beyond social classes and also from hate to love is only a step. We find Makino who is a girl with the effort of his parents because he has an excellent education, entering a school where all students are children of the wealthiest families in Japan; thus finding many difficulties for wanting to go unnoticed for the next two school years… however, there is a group of four boys known as F4 (who practically dominate school) and after an unfortunate encounter with one of them, his life begins to taking certain turns. There are several versions live-action of this sleeve, a Taiwanese version is called Meteor Garden, the Japanese version had two seasons and a movie and Korean version known as Boys Over Flowers.


2. Boku no Hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu – In this story we find Takuma and Mayu. Childhood friends yet grow with an uncertain promise why?. Takuma suffers from a disease that only allow you to live to age 20, Mayu lives clinging to continue his days with Takuma but apparently he does not want to be a obstacle to Mayu find happiness. Your feelings will pass by critics and moments of doubt… will they be able to cope with this relationship ?, Will there be any hope to extend the life of Takuma? A film adaptation was released in 2009 with actress Hana Yori Dango, Inoue Mao as the protagonist.


3. Hanazakari not kimitachi – This story tells us how Mizuki is able to give up your appearance girl to meet his sports idol. Mizuki grew up in United States and seen on television a Japanese athlete who makes high jump day is so impressed with his form jumping who decides to return to Japan to meet this guy. Enrolled in a school for boys, Mizuki must hide her feminine appearance to stay in school without anyone discover so we can meet the idol he admires. There are several adaptations of the manga, the first was the Taiwanese version called Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, two Japanese adaptations, Hanazakari not Kimitachi e and Hanazakari not Kimitachi and 2011 and the Korean version titled To the Beautiful Yo.

hana kimi

4. Koizora – What if one day the boy’s best friend likes your friend, I would like to talk to you ?, and what if this guy turned out to be famous because it is quite problematic? Koizora tells a story that encompasses many issues, the clear love but… also the jealousy of an ex-girlfriend who can generate dangerous and traumatic situations, distrust, fear and insecurity, trying to lead a happy relationship but meet many obstacles and even a series of news that cast doubt on the bond of trust between families, friends and your partner. Koizora had a film adaptation in 2007, and a drama began airing in 2008 with a total of 6 episodes.


5. Kimi ni Todoke – This story introduces us to Sawako , a girl who is surrounded by a rumor that is mostly just a misunderstanding. His teammates call her Sadako and believe it has the ability to speak with spirits and ghosts and that is why they avoid; however, Sawako is a happy girl who is always looking for the opportunity to speak and interact with peers, but apparently never achieves its goal. The most popular of its kind, boy decides to talk and this is how Sawako decide you want to change and get to have friends in their class, the thrust that gives this guy opens the door to have more confidence in itself and has experiences and unforgettable moments. For this manga a movie was adapted in 2010 with the same name where Miura Haruma, star of Koizora plays Kazehaya.


6. Kyō, Koi o Hajimemasu – Tsubaki is precisely the kind of girl who seeks to have good grades and not cause any problems to her parents, especially her mother, looking always follow the rules; however she fails to enter college than expected and ends attending the local school that is near your home, being in second place as the highest note of entrance exams. With his wounded pride seeks to know who is the person who had the highest score in the groundbreaking ceremony, discovering that it is a boy long hair and rebellious appearance. The sleeve had an area of nearly 100 chapters and there was a film adaptation in 2012.


7. Sukitte ii na I – You’re the indifferent girl in school, do not want to make friends, you’re a little weird and also the club are returning home. Mei is our protagonist, works part time in a bakery, she lives with her mom and her cat marshmallow name, one day while doing changing room, one of the boys in her class decided to raise his fault Mei what she reacts with a super kick, hurting the boy not bothered if his friend, the most popular boy in school, Yamato. Yamoto is beginning to have some interest in Mei after this incident and wants to know more about it by giving you his cell phone number. Mei refuses to call Yamato because he believes that there is a reason for this … but what happens when one of the customers of the bakery begins to follow her on the street, who will use Mei? Ii Sukitte Nayo had a recent film adaptation that premiered last July.


8. Kimi wa Petto – What happens when you’re a successful woman but all your boyfriends think they are very small thing for you? Sumire is a woman graduate of the University of Tokyo, has a great post at a major company but … her boyfriend just put the horn and decides not to marry her … to Sumire this is a great shock , but things do not seem to end Hence, after the painful news back home he meets a boy who is beaten and sleeping in a cardboard box in front of the entrance door of the apartment complex where she lives. Sumire decides to take care of this guy and the condition to stay with it is to behave as your pet, so the guy who apparently does not want to go home, adopts the name of Momo and decides to become his pet. This sleeve has two adaptations a drama in Japan and a movie in Korea , which is called You are my Pet.


9. Koukou Debut – It is common for high school girls want to leave behind their I past and want to change and become kawaii hoping to meet and experience the 1st. love. Such is the case of Haruna , who during high school was part of the club softball school, he spent all the free time I had and during his last year were in the 2nd. place in the national tournament; after that to start school, Haruna decides he wants to make his debut in high school. Lost in all respects with the theme of fashion and makeup, Haruna is constantly rejected by the boys, until one day he meets Yoh and decides that he will be their coach to become a girl who likes kids and so know love. A very nice story, which had a film adaptation in 2011.


10. Akuma Sourou – Send a love letter to the person you like is an act of great bravery and courage but … what if the accidentally deliver them to someone else? Kayano is a shy girl who likes the captain of the basketball club, who is also his classmate but … the day he decides to confess his love, is wrong and gives the letter to nothing more and nothing less than the son of director. This guy has a bad reputation for being a felon with a retinue dominating the first grade, and well, if things can not be worse, the mother of Kayano , decides to marry will return to and … if you are imagining the worst possible scenario perhaps their assumptions are true and this guy will end feel younger brother Kayano. It is very interesting that this manga has only been adapted to a drama and is Taiwan, under the name Devil Beside You in 2005. A curious fact the protagonist who have terrorized Kayano is called Takeru and the author was inspired by the musician Hideto Matsumoto (1964-1998) for creating this character.