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Crystal Tenshi is a Japanese style manga which has had two issues published in an anthology called Otazine. It is an on-going project which will feature spin-off comic shorts and other web-exclusives, so stay tuned and keep checking for updates! Please use the navigation menu to your left to browse through Crystal Tenshi related site regions. To view the other website content hosted on this server, please use the menu on your right. Enjoy your stay at CrystalTenshi.com!

About Crystal Tenshi

Crystal Tenshi is the brainchild of Diana Montoya & Rachel Nachmias. We first came up with the idea for this comic some time in 1999, when both of us were under the influence of Sailormoon (and totally, like, 13 years old). Originally it was a text-only japanese manga, which survived for about a year with frequent internet updates. We eventually realized the story wasn’t any good, so at some point a few years later we re-wrote everything we had some scratch, keeping only the original ‘lost twins’ premise as a plot point.

crystal tenshi

More years passed, and we eventually received an offer to have a comic book published in 2004. We pithced them our Crystal Tenshi idea and things went from there. We touched up the story some more, and it now exists as the Crystal Tenshi we know and love today.

Diana does all of the artwork in the comic, and Rachel does all of the comic page designs and character designs

Main Characters

  • Yume Tenshino – Yume is Kirei’s twin sister. Her home planet is Ryuku. She’s very blunt, carefree and she likes travelling around and eating at different restaurants, because food is one of the few good things in life. She loves her laptop and often researches the planet of myth, MorningStar. Despite being carefree, she has a tendency to get angry very easily and finds herself bickering with her sister frequently.
  • Kirei Tenshino – Kirei is Yume’s twin sister. Her home planet is Ryuki. She’s blunt like Yume, but tends to be a bit more tasteful with what she says. She also has better fashion sense to boot. She’s naturally blonde like Yume, but pink hair is the in thing right now so she makes a habit of dying it. One thing they do share in common though is their love for MorningStar. She prides herself as being the most knowledgable on the subject. Bouncy and genki, Kirei tends to get along with everybody – except for Yume.
  • Mika-Yousei – Mika is a young fairy. Being a fairy, she’s only about 5 inches tall. She is Nozomi’s little sister. Their homeworld is the fairy-haven located on Kyomin’s moon. She’s very playful and has trouble taking things very seriously. She and Nozomi have been assigned a very serious mission of intercepting Yume & Kirei to train them and to help them ready for their final frontation. Mika is smarter than she lets on — she’s just very exciteable.
  • Nozomi-Yousei – Mika’s older sister. She’s a bit more calm and slightly mysterious. Her mission is only made more difficult by her blundering sister. She has a light hearted side to her as well, but it doesn’t get a chance to show as much.
  • Ryuko Tenshino – Ryuko Tenshino is Yume’s mother. She’s a hard-working single mom with the sarcastic good humor to put up with a challenging daughter like Yume, and they are quite close. Despite this, it seems as if Ryuko has a number of skeletons in the closet…
  • Tatsuki Tenshino – Tatsuki Tenshino is Kirei’s dad. He’s a typical salary-man; mild-mannered and bookish. Needless to say, he feels rather lost when it comes to Kirei’s girlish and social ways, so he rarely interferes, but even a type like Tatsuki can have secrets…
  • Kirsche – Little is known about Kirsche, a.k.a. Professor K. Frucht beyond her apparent love of big guns. She does, however, have extraordinary knowledge about the legend of Morningstar, and a homogenous, gun-slinging posse to boot. What exactly she has planned for the girls is unknown, but it sure doesn’t seem like a picnic on Ryuki!


  • Issue Zero

In this issue, the girls Kirei and Yume, two girls who are complete strangers, both plan a trip to Sanseia – a planet recently transformed into a resort mecca. Everything goes as planned as they unpack their bags and begin to settle into their hotel, but a coincidental meeting of these two strangers reveals something unsettling – they look exactly alike! Each girl tries to shrug off the meeting and enjoy her vacation, but it seems as if fate has it in for them when they meet again at a seminar on their common interest – the legendary planet MorningStar. To make matters worse, they can’t seem to get along and the Professor leading the seminar seems like she might be a little crazy.

  • Issue One

In the second installment of Crystal Tenshi, Yume and Kirei find themselves hiding in a supply closet with two tiny winged women that call themselves fairies. Kirei is badly shaken, and Yume’s just pissed, but they haven’t heard the worst of it yet. As the fairies urgently tell the girls about their past, things get even more impossible to believe! But they can’t stop to think it about it long, because the maniacal Kirsche is after them again.


The Pleione Solar System. There are five planets in this star system. There is a rumored sixth planet, but this has yet to be proven and is still heavily debated, but has created a good deal of mythology around its legend.

  • Sanseia

Sanseia, known as the desert planet, is almost entirely covered in extremely high-temperature sand-storms. Only a few life forms can survive in the heat, however a multitude of species flourish around the planet’s temperate, oasis-like poles. Recently, resorts built at these oasises have begun to attract humanoid life-forms from around the solar system.

  • Kyomin

The rustic planet of Kyomin is famous for it’s lush forests, majestic mountain ranges, and luxurious hot-springs, not to mention it’s unique native culture. Humanoid inhabitants of Kyomin have tan skin and elongated ears, suitable to their traditionally outdoors-y lifestyle. Kyomin is mostly a rural planet, only having one major city and one space port.

  • Ryuku & Ryuki

The so-called “twin planets” of Ryuku and Ryuki mysteriously follow a double orbiting pattern which keeps them a mere 1 million miles from each other at all times, but never allows them to collide. Travel between these two planets became commonplace long ago, and they have hence become very urbanized and cosmopolitan, each bearing numerous space-ports and large cities. Where there is countryside left, it is mainly comprised of rolling meadows, where wild-flower viewing picnics are a popular spring past-time.

  • Taki

The ocean planet of Taki still holds a great many mysteries to all but the amphibious mer-people who live there. It’s distance from the sun causes the atmosphere of Taki to be extremely frigid, however less than a mile below the constant storms and towering icebergs the water becomes pleasantly mild, heated by an unknown source at the planet’s core. The only spaceports on Taki are incredibly primitive, despite the fact that it boasts extremely advanced underwater metropolises, as the Takinese have shown little interest in interplanetary affairs.